3 Act Structure


Hero’s Journey 


  1. The ordinary world – When the movie starts out, the life Lester is living looks ordinary, which is the whole purpose of the opening scenes. Carolyn makes a big effort into making everything seem and look perfect in their world. When Lester says something “off script”, Carolyn tells him not to be “weird”.
  2. The call to adventure – Lester’s whole life turns around when he goes to his daughter (Janie) cheerleading performance. Instead of him watching his daughter his eye catches a girl called Angela, and becomes infatuated with her and goes into full fantasy mode. The whole experience seems to wake Lester up to the reality of how terrible and boring his life has become at that point. 
  3. Refusal – Lester is very keen on Angela and realises he needs to make a few changers to himself before he can get someone like Angela as he remains fixated on her, despite the she is underage and his daughters friend. After taking a look at his body and physique he starts working put in his garage to get himself in shape, for Angela.
  4. Mentor helper – Lester takes his new attitude on life with him when he and his wife, Carolyn, to a work party of hers. Carolyn wants Lester to be ‘normal’ and pleasant but he doesn’t and mortifies her. He then goes out back of the party with a waiter called Rick, who is his new neighbour as well. Lester bonds quickly with Ricky relatively quick. The two of them end up smoking weed outside, lester becomes super impressed when Ricky’s boss catches them and rather than trying to apologise and make excuses for slacking off to do drugs, Ricky tells the boss off and quits. Lester admires Ricky’s attitude and tries to copy it.
  5. Crossing the threshold – Lester continues working and pushing foward on his new way of life. He steps

Lester continues pushing forward with his new lease on life. He steps up his exercise regimen a bunch, starts eating healthily, buys an awesome new car, listens to rock ‘n’ roll and smokes pot in the garage, and quits his job (after nailing a hefty severance package) to work at a burger joint.