1. Explain the effect that the setting has on the life of Lester Burnham: The setting that Lester lives in is very ordinary and standard suburban area, there is nothing special about it. As he lives in such plain area he is very boring and ordinary, he doesn’t have much of a personality at this stage which i think is based off the environment he is living in.
  2. Explain what you think the director wants us to learn about Burnham by placing him in this setting: The director wants us to learn that Lester is bored and is feeling drained is unhappy with his life, as his setting is boring and un-exciting so he carries out his life out that way.
  3. Repeat the above for another character of your choice: The character of my choice is Ricky Fitz, he lives with his two parents who are very different. His father has no trust in him and beats him while his mother seems very ‘out of it’ so it comes out on Rick negatively as he hides and lies about himself to his parents.Which is why the director put that in so we know why  he comes across reserved and ‘weird’.
  4. Imagine how the setting would affect you. write a blog to describe how  you would react to the setting. Include specific examples from the film: If I was put in Lesters setting I would probably be similar to how he is, i’d also be un-happy and tired of the life he is living as there is no happiness and excitement.